Описание серии

In order to make Emily jealous, Daniel reconciles his relationship with Sara. Nolan confronts Patrick about his assault and gives him information about his father, leading Patrick to go to Victoria for answers. Emily learns about Aiden and Niko's relationship and when she blacks out she finds herself with Aiden. After moving out of Grayson Manor, Conrad gets revenge over Daniel in his own way. Emily invites Sara's mother who does the impossible to break them apart, leaving Daniel desperate once again. When Emily again blacks out she wakes up in a hotel bedroom, where Conrad walks in and hints that they slept together. A vengeful Niko is sent to Moscow, Russia to kill the man who she believes killed her father, after Nolan falsifies evidence to protect Aiden. While preparing to leave, Niko finds her father's katana and realizes that Aiden is the true killer. Meanwhile, Conrad's ex-wife — Stevie Grayson — returns.

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