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In "Bastard", Alex receives a rapturous applause for her singing. Events from earlier, when he was still captured by Ivan Glaziev, play back in the mind of an anxious Twilight in the audience.Loretta commends Alex for her début and she thanks her. Loretta then says she remembers when Alex was a prostitute and says she was lucky she was still alive commenting that the Benriya and Chad were good people. Loretta then goes on to say that one of the prostitutes at "Bastard" had quit and hints that Alex could fill in, disheartening her, but then deadpans that she was joking mentioning that her mother had also been a prostitute. Loretta explains that her mother was the first songstress in "Bastard" but died after giving birth to her, noting that she couldn't face the after-effects of the Tb pills like Alex had.